A graduate of the Laurentian Hotel School in 1999, Julie invites you to her table. On the menu, a gourmet type of cuisine and an elegant introduction to both the local and regional flavours, vegetables and other garden delights cooked home style on site.


Our dining table is open to the public

By reservation only

You can now enjoy our table offering the best in local and seasonal produce without having to lodge at the hostel. Whether you are a resident or just passing through, you can take the opportunity to pamper yourself and delight your palate with incomparable tastes at the Haut Bois Dormant table: the Épicurieux.

In step with the seasons, you can enjoy our fine cuisine and a delicious three-course meal, composed of both local and regional flavours.

Important: Do not forget to book your table; bring your own wine!

In the evening

You may also enjoy the meat in numerous other ways, according to your preferences! The menus are designed according to your taste… Chef Julie offers you her knowledge and skills: make your special food requests, but above all, let her know the foods you enjoy less and that you would prefer to avoid. A three-service menu, including entree, main course and dessert is offered every evening. To complement your meal, you are invited to bring your own wine.

Featuring the meadow lamb from the les Trouvailles gourmandes des Cantons, cooked according to seasons: a delicate taste and gourmet pleasures are guaranteed!

In addition, leg of duck confit from Ducs de Montrichard as well as red deer, two excellent Eastern Townships products which will delight many buds.

During the summer, the grill steals the show! Chops, lamb skewers, vegetables, and other grilled delights will grace your plate! During the winter, “slow food” cuisine is in order, allowing for the comforting taste of stews, braised meats and soups after a day spent out of doors! All year-round, vegetables are the chef’s favourites: cooked in so many different ways, you will discover new ones, and you may even rediscover some of the snubbed ones!

Here are some examples that can be served upon the seasons and the creativity of the chef:

Crispy rabbit Produits Jorick, cooked with coriander & fennel and served with a reduction of the cooking juices.

Grain-fed chicken marinated with herbs and lemon, green olive relish and pickled lemons from “Les Grenouilles Charmantes”.

Duck confit from “Ducs de Montrichard”, trio of jellies and blueberry & red onion compote.

Red deer from “Le Sabot d’Or” farm in Cookshire, juniper berries & red-wine sauce.

Wild Boar from the “Lait Sangliers des Bois” farm in Saint-Camille, served with red-wine sauce with a touch of maple syrup from the “Chagnon” maple grove in Ste-Christine.

A vegetarian menu can be prepared on request.

In the morning (with lodging only)

Wake up with a fruit juice, a tantalizing coffee aroma, a delightful fruit entree followed by the main course adapted to the theme of the day: Grandma waffles made from the Meunerie Milanaise’s bio flours, soufflé with traditional ham or smoked salmon from our own smokehouse, home-made scones with jams and other delights such as espresso, biscotti and more!